About MyShelf

MyShelf is your virtual shelf space on cloud. A space unlike your physical one is flexible and extendable as your storage increases. It can be accessed through multiple devices seamlessly and can be shared in a secure environment with a price that does not bite your pockets.

MyShelf Advantages

Multiple device backup

You can use your account in unlimited devices that can be synced into a single account and accessed.

Manual Archiving

Unless the file or data is archived manually by you, it will not get archived. So the accidental loss of data does not occur

Carefree data backups

Losing your favourite music or photos due to space restriction is the least of your problem anymore. Push them to MyShelf and relax.

MyShelf extensions

Your data grows as your contact grows. You can upgrade for a bigger MyShelf space when you need to store more data.

How it Works


Scan the QR code given in MyShelf Card with the help of the Android or iOS App.


You can select list of files like Photos, Documents, Health Records or any type of files from you mobile and upload them to your cloud.


Sharing is very simple. You can select a file and click share as link. Any one has the link can access to your files

When to use MyShelf?

Your playlist

Forgot to transfer your playlist to the new phone? Next time upload your music in MyShelf and download to any device any time and enjoy your favourite songs.

Upload photos

You want to share your photos with your friends? It is easy to upload them from any of your devices and share them easily.

Cloud storage

Work from multiple devices and sync to your MyShelf cloud storage. Download your MyShelf app in your mobile phones and work seamlessly across devices from anywhere around the world

Medical reports

You want to share your medical reports for second opinion to a doctor living at the other side of the world. It is easy with MyShelf app. Scan with the QR code or your MyShelf account and share the reports in few steps.

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